Terms & Conditions

A.  Area of Validity

  1. These contractual conditions pertain to the use of the website www.puppy-meets-puppy.com (hereafter "website"). The website is operated by:
    Tanja Matzku – Schwedterstr. 77 – 10437 Berlin (hereafter “Provider“).
  2. By registering at the website, the users enter into a contract with the Provider and declare their consent to the following stipulations.
  3. Registration is only possible under these conditions. The users thus consent to accepting these conditions as the basis for using the website.


B. Subject of the Agreement, Costs

  1. The Provider offers this website so that dog owners can find one another and exchange information. The goal is to find an appropriate social contact for the owner’s own dog and towards this end to establish content with other dog owners.  
  2. The Provider’s sole service is the provision and maintenance of this website.
  3. The Provider will make every effort to expand the content of the service offering, thus constantly expanding and maintaining the website and taking measures to ensure the availability of the website. It will be constantly developed and adapted to various factors, such as user requirements, market demands, and the technological and economic situation, after proper consideration. The service offered thus consists of the website in its current stage of development. Users have no claim to expect the services offered remain unaltered in content and extent or include certain functions. There is also no entitlement to expect the service offered to be constantly available and to function without error.


C. Registration, User Duties

  1. Visitors to the website can register and then receive access to additional functions as a user (for example, the creation of a user profile, uploading content).
  2. For registration, visitors must provide all information requested as “required” completely and truthfully in the online registration form. Confirmation of the email during the registration process results in a free contract of use between the registered user and the Provider. Successful registration is only possible by completely filling out all required fields.
  3. Users may not undertake any actions that can result in an unreasonable or undue burden on the website or the Provider.   


D. Contact between Users

  1. Users can decide whether they would like to be contacted by other users via telephone or email in addition to the message function on the website.
  2. Users commit to contacting one another in a considerate and appropriate manner.
  3. If after initial contact the contacted users has no interest in further contact, this will be respected by the user and no further contact will be made.  


E.  Costs

  1. Certain functions on the website, such as the provision of contact information of other users, are only possible in return for payment of a fee to the Provider.  
  2. Concrete costs will be communicated to the users clearly in advance and include any value-added tax.
  3. Users are free to respond to contact requests from other users. The Provider has no influence on this, so that this does not constitute grounds for reimbursement of paid costs.  
  4. In special cases, the Provider can refuse release of contact information if contact content is inappropriate or the contacted users feel harassed.


F.  Posted Content, Indemnification

  1. No content shall be published or messages sent that violate applicable law or moral standards. The Provider is entitled to delete such content immediately without prior notice. 
  2. Users shall indemnify the Provider against all claims asserted by other users or third parties against the Provider on the basis of any infringements of rights due to offers or content posted by members. Indemnification shall include the costs of the Provider's necessary legal defense, including all court costs and attorneys' fees in the statutory amount.
  3. Users are required to support the Provider in case of a claim by a third party, e.g., by immediately, truthfully and completely providing all information required for the examination of the claims and a defense.


G. Blocking Member Accounts

  1. The Provider exercises the sole domiciliary rights over the website. In case of violation of these terms and conditions, laws, and/or rules published on the website, the Provider can without warning temporarily or permanently exclude the user from using the website and ban the user from the website.
  2. The users thereby allow the Provider to delete or block user accounts, sales promotions, and functions at any time.


H. Liability under Telemedia Law, Limitation of Liability  

  1. The users acknowledge that the Provider holds no responsibility for the content that the Provider did not create on the website or that the Provider is unaware of.
  2. With the exception of injury of life, limb, and health or the violation of essential contractual duties (cardinal obligations), the Provider is only liable for damages due to intentional or grossly negligent content. This also applies to indirect consequential damages, especially lost profit.
  3. The limitation of liability of these terms and conditions also applies correspondingly to the employees and vicarious agents of the Provider.


I.    Usage Rights

  1. By placing content on the website, the users grant the Provider simple, temporally and spatially unlimited and gratuitous rights to use the content within the framework of the website. These usage rights include in particular the right to make content publicly accessible around the world on the website or other media, to reproduce, distribute, and transfer it to third parties (for example social media, press images, blogs).
  2. Being granted these rights, the Provider does not make the users’ content its own in the sense of liability norms. The granting of rights serves solely to facilitate administration and use of the content in operating the website. 


J.   Amendment of Contract  

  1. The Provider is entitled to amend these contractual terms and the data protection provisions. Amendments are to take place only in case of valid and objective reasons and in such a way that does not alter the contractual balance between the user and the Provider. Such reasons can include legal or technological changes, experience with user behavior, or unintended loopholes in the contract’s clauses. Changes will be communicated to the users via email or upon their next visit to the website.
  2. Users are entitled to object to amendments. In case of such an objection, the Provider reserves the right to terminate the contract between the Provider and the user with immediate effect.
  3. Amendments are considered accepted and binding if the user does not object to the amendments within 14 days.  


K. Final Provisions

  1. Place of jurisdiction and contract is the Provider’s location if not explicitly agreed otherwise or resulting from mandatory standards.
  2. The contract language is German insofar as nothing contrary results from mandatory standards.
  3. Should one or more of the provisions of this contract become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The contractual parties are required to replace the initial provision with a valid provision that best fulfils the contractually intended result. 


Right of Revocation

You have the right to revoke this contract within fourteen days without stipulation of reasons. The revocation period is fourteen days from the date the contract is concluded.

In order to revoke the contract, you must inform us in a clear declaration of your intent to revoke in writing (letter by mail, fax, or e-email) sent to the following address:

Puppy –Meets-Puppy
Tanja Matzku
Schwedterstr. 77
10437 Berlin

You can use the attached sample revocation form for this purpose, but this is not required.
To comply with the revocation period, it is sufficient to send notice of revocation before the end of the revocation period.

Consequences of Revocation

If you revoke this contract, we will reimburse you all payments received from you, including the cost of delivery (with exception of the additional cost that result from your selecting an alternative mode of delivery than the standard delivery and most affordable form we select) and at the latest within fourteen days as of the day we receive notice of your revocation of the contract. For this payment, we will use the same means of payment used for the original transaction, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with you; under no circumstances will a fee be charged for this reimbursement. If you have demanded that the services begin during the revocation period, you shall pay us a reasonable amount corresponding to the proportion of services already provided up to the point in time you notify us of your exercising the right to revoke this contract in comparison to the total scope of services stipulated in the contract.


Sample of Notice of Revocation

Addressed to:

Tanja Matzku
Schwedterstr. 77
10437 Berlin

- With this notice, I/we revoke the contract I/we concluded for the purchase of the following goods/provision of the following services  

 - Ordered on (*)/ Received on (*)

- Name of user

- User address

- User signature (for notice in paper form)

- Date


*cross out what does not apply